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Industrial Manslaughter: “Workplace Health and Safety Standards Should be a No.1 Priority”

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iSafe – November Snapshot 2017

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iSafe – October Snapshot 2017

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You look at your work environment every day – but do you really see it?

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iSafe - September Snapshot 2017

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is your Captain speaking…” Read More.

Cyber Security: Business without tears

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Recruitment Yarns 2017 wrap

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Getting Ready for the Labour Hire Licensing Scheme

The “labour hire licensing scheme” – it seems to be the phrase on everybody’s lips at the moment. Our Managing Director Dianne Gibert attended the recent Business Forums, “Let’s Chat About Licensing”, that APSCo Australia hosted across Australia to find out more. Read More.

Will She Be Right, Mate?

As Aussies and Kiwis, we hear it a lot – and we adopt the attitude. But while it’s healthy to leave some things for fate to work out for us, some things require us to be proactive – as all those in business would know. Read More.

Trust and Transparency – Are You Aware of What Your Privacy Policy Commits You To?

Private companies are increasingly expected to take responsibility for protecting their customers’ personal information, with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme coming into force early next year, and recent cases emphasising the significance of privacy policies. Read More.

Changes to Skilled Occupations Lists - Essential Information

The last few weeks have seen a major shakeup in the Australian visa landscape. Big changes have been made to the skilled occupations lists from 19 April. Read More.

From the ‘Back of Bourke’ to Top Quality Services: An Exclusive Interview with Malcolm Reeve (Ochre Recruitment)

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iSafe in Practice: A Funny Near Miss

Last week, I heard an interesting story when chatting to a friend over coffee. It was very amusing at the time, but on reflection, it raised some serious questions that could be relevant to my business. Read More.

iSafe in Practice: Don’t ‘Set and Forget’ – Recruiters Must Keep In Touch with Their Contractors

Last Friday, we had a number of iSafe visits booked with a government department, which included a number of sites from the city out to the suburbs. Unfortunately, we encountered many issues, but our experiences reminded us of something important. Read More.

Ochre Recruitment General Manager Malcolm Reeve: Interview Transcript

In the business of medical recruitment, Ochre Recruitment stands out for one particular reason. Read More.

Quality Management transitioning 9001:2015– Get a Head Start

As you have probably already heard, the transition to ISO 9001:2015 must be completed by September 2018. Read More.

The mandatory data breach notification scheme – well on its way

Earlier this month, the Australian senate passed the Privacy Amendment after five years of deliberation and uncertainty. Read More.

Labour hire agency found liable for failing to manage risk of fatigue

In a recent decision by the Queensland Supreme Court , a mine operator, a labour hire agency and a host employer were all found liable for serious injuries sustained by a dump truck operator in a car accident that occurred during his drive home from work. Read More.

Case Study - IV v IW

A recent privacy case highlights the importance of obtaining consent before releasing personal information, and shows that the Privacy Policy is a significant document - not just words on paper. Read More.

Talent Management - Churning through staff churn

Staff churn, or a high staff turnover, is a (stomach-churningly) significant problem – and ironically, one that is particularly significant in the recruitment industry. Read More.


Safety Management: Consultation between PCBUs

Recently, the South Australian Industrial Court convicted an on-hire company as well as a host employer for severe injuries sustained by a contractor placed on a work site.  It marks the first time that a court has charged a PCBU under secondary liability under s 46 of the Model Work Health and Safety Act.   Click on the link below to find out what happened and how to avoid the same thing happening to you... Read More.

Need a hand to transition your certification to the new standards?

SEC is a specialist in certification services for quality (9001), OHS (4801) and environmental (14001) management standards. Read More.

Privacy Survey - How Well Do You Understand Privacy?

In January-February 2016, Service Excellence Consulting, in conjunction with WorkPro*, conducted an online survey of 1800 individuals about their understanding of privacy. The results were surprising and somewhat disappointing. Read More.

Flying Too Close For Comfort

Does every one of your employees have the right to work? Can you prove it? Immigration compliance is a hot topic in business affairs this month. Read More.

Illegal Wage Deduction Dispute

Oz Staff Career Services has taken quite a hit after the Federal Circuit Court found that the company had unlawfully deducted an "administration fee" from 102 workers. Read More.

Privacy Potholes

Whether you drive a Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz, or a Volkswagen Beetle, there's always the chance that you will drive right into one of these deep, circular hollows on the road. Read More.