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Service Excellence Consulting
Pty Ltd
Service Excellence ConsultingPty Ltd

About Us

Service Excellence Consulting (SEC) provides quality and consulting services to service businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

We are dedicated to assisting businesses improve the management and delivery of services to their customers. Our primary focus is helping businesses build quality and service delivery management systems that are functional and efficient.

The business was started in 2008 by Dianne Gibert. Dianne has over two decades of experience as a management consultant. Her work in the recruitment industry identified a need for simple and effective consulting support and resources to assist recruitment agencies to improve their business management and quality of services.

SEC now works with small to medium service businesses to improve business performance and to introduce change and quality practices. Our services include quality management, diagnostic services, and training courses.

Our head office is located in Melbourne. We have consultants based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

SEC supports ITCRA, a provider of services to the Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association.