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Diagnostic Services

Is your business meeting the necessary legal and service obligations? Are you managing your business appropriately? In the course of our work with recruitment agencies we often ask managers to think about the following questions:

  • How appropriate is your process for screening candidates?
  • Do you have the right management controls for your business?
  • How well are your staff following procedures and keeping proper records?
  • Is your business meeting its legal obligations?

Service Excellence Consulting provides a diagnostic service to help you answer these questions. The Diagnostic is a quick, high level gap analysis of the current status of the system, documentation and procedures. The diagnostic focuses on legal and contractual compliance, as well as alignment with industry best practice.

The diagnostic addresses the following key areas:

  • Safety management
  • Employment screening practices
  • Policies and procedures
  • Documentation controls
  • Risk identification
  • Contract management
  • Records management

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We pride ourselves on our rigorous standards and well established and efficient processes. Having said that, the value of a comprehensive and objective business assessment by an outside firm with expertise in the recruitment industry has been brought home to us.
Whilst pleased with our high overall score, the iDiagnostic practice evaluation identified several aspects of our business operations which required attention. Some were simple things including, the "I must get around to doing that one day" tasks, which never actually get done. Others were more important, such as information that we referred to which had become out of date without us realising. We also found that we had fallen into human nature's trap of making assumptions based on history e.g. "we always keep database notes up to date".
The IDiagnostic experience taught us that just because we believed we were doing the right thing, this was not always the case. The application of a fresh set of eyes, combined with an unbiased point of view, has resulted in our undertaking a refreshing exercise which will enable us to quickly get our house into (or very close to) perfect order!
Russell MacDonald
Managing Director
RMA IT Recruitment
ITCRA Board President