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Data Cleansing

Has your business collected records that are now cluttering your office? Perhaps you are paying regular fees to store the paper in a storage facility? You may be concerned that these records contain personal information that may be in breach of the Australian Privacy Principles?

Any of these situations can be readily corrected.

We will work closely with you to develop the right approach:

  • How long should records be held.
  • How to remove and destroy unnecessary data.
  • How to file records so you can readily manage them in the future.
  • A trained project team will work on site until the records have been sorted, and will leave you with the records in paper and/or electronic format that you need.

Our Approach

The Data Cleansing Service consists of 3 stages which can be selected as required:

  • Cleansing - a team of 2 will come onsite to sort the records and save electronically and/or arrange for secure destruction of the records as per the agreed approach.
  • Documents and Training - document the records policy and procedures, including electronic folder structure and file naming protocol, to manage records collected in the future.
  • Ongoing cleansing - the team can return on a regular basis to help keep your records sorted and managed as per the agreement procedures.

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I'm just emailing to let you know the fantastic job Dianne Gibert and her team have done with the data cleansing project. I was very impressed with how quickly were able to complete this task and they are all and absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you.