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Recruitment Yarns: A Free 'UN-Conference' for the Recruitment Industry

Our sister company, Certex International, is very excited to be supporting Recruitment Yarns this year.

Recruitment Yarns is a free industry UN-conference event which runs in various cities across Australia and New Zealand. The event is focused on bringing people together to collaboratively discuss the issues affecting our industry.

Our managing director Dianne Gibert will be participating as a co-host for the roundtable sessions in the morning and supporting the event in the afternoon with masterclass sessions.

Both the roundtable sessions and masterclasses will be running from the 9th of May to the 20th of June across Australia and New Zealand – visit the website to find out the dates for your location.

Masterclasses - 'Good Work Safety Practice'

In the masterclasses, Dianne will be using her experience of visiting hundreds of work sites to explain 3 key things you can do to make a difference to safety in your business, and ensure you are meeting your duties.

Roundtables - 'Recruitment Standards'

For the roundtables, Dianne will host discussions surrounding Recruitment Standards, and be answering questions such as:

  • What makes a good internal process?
  • What are the areas that should be defined in processes?
  • Should you seek certification in 9001 or an industry standard? Which is easier, more relevant, more beneficial?

Join in the Discussions

All masterclasses and roundtable sessions are FREE, and we know that you will get great value and take-aways from experts in the industry.

To register or find out more, please visit the website, or join the LinkedIn group to stay up to date.

And if you haven't already, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow Dianne on LinkedIn to find out about Recruitment Yarns as it unfolds.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dianne Gibert, Managing Director of Certex International Pty